Saturday, August 24, 2013

There were a few clouds in the sky when I left my apartment this morning and I was suddenly struck with fear and doubt. Until today I had never seen clouds from the King's campus, in the morning or at any time. I am not too embarrassed to admit that the first thing that comes into my head when I step outside is this video (skip to 3:05 for the relevant part). The weather is just too good here.

Fortunately the clouds seem to be burning off and it's going to be another perfect day. Not much has changed since my last post: this past week has all been meetings, planning sessions, more meetings, and surprising amounts of free time. But it's all going to change tomorrow when New Student Orientation begins, and after that there's no stopping us. So I thought I would write a little something today as we creep ever closer to actual school.

In the past few days, the student proctors have been arriving. They're 11th and 12th graders who serve as dorm supervisors and mentoring presences for the new arrivals, and they are just unbelievable kids. I have already met one who builds model planes from scratch in his spare time, one who practices capoeira, and many who make fun of me for looking like a student (although I have a fellow teacher to blame for getting that one started). These kids are brilliant and hilarious and obviously the cream of the crop, and while I certainly don't expect all of them to be like that, meeting them has been a good way to ease into the experience.

Today, more meetings, and a few of us are getting together to rehearse a song for the upcoming Open Mic Night (how better to get kids interested in singing than for a bunch of faculty to sing a silly song to them?). As I wrote that last sentence, we got an email with the full details for tomorrow's orientation. It's all about to happen.

From the edge of the precipice,

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