Thursday, March 6, 2014


Just over a half hour remains until I board a bus to take me to a plane to take me to Istanbul. We did it!!

My final term of students, whose first week is this week, seem like a pretty phenomenal bunch overall. Again, I've got one class that skews younger and one that's mostly seniors, but both are interested and inquisitive groups and I'm really looking forward to the weeks to come.

But first, it's time for adventures. About 36 hours of total freedom in Istanbul starting from my 4:00am touchdown, and the family arrives Saturday afternoon which will be just as much a blast (if not more!). Forecast is rainy, but I don't think that's ever stopped us from having a good time.

Gonna keep this one short and sweet, but here's another piece of news: I'm officially a food writer! The cousin of the well-trafficked food blog very graciously allowed me to submit a guest post, and just today published my review of my trip to Beit Sitti last week. Check it out! With any luck there'll be more to come as my culinary adventures continue...

Hey, have a good weekend, everyone. I sure will.

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