Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...

I tested out a lesson on existentialism and nihilism this week as we discussed The Meaning of Life, and was considering showing a video of Ian McKellen's Macbeth speech. Ended up using "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "TiK ToK" instead (there's so much existentialism in contemporary pop music!), but I guess the speech has stuck with me.

Because TOMORROW I'm heading back stateside! For another weekend! And as I sit here in my second-to-last Supervised Study Hall of the year, with my last two fully-stocked classes lined up for tomorrow (the seniors leave next week), it's hard not to have the upcoming travels on my mind. But there's been plenty to keep me busy this week:

First, I think I'd be remiss not to mention my star turn in the faculty play, which Lina (my wonderful Arabic teacher) writes for faculty members of all Arabic levels. This year, the plot centered around an American husband and Jordanian wife who'd just had a baby, and guess who got to play the baby. The baby girl.

Yes, that is me in the foreground of this picture that was seen by every student, teacher, and parent, wearing blue tights, a black tutu, and a beautiful little headband. I sang a whole song to the tune of "Old MacDonald" in Arabic, got lifted up into the air by some other teachers, and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Having made it through college without having to do much drag, I suppose the time had finally come.

(If you want to see more pictures, Facebook's got a treasure trove. Help yourself to more of my low-cut pink women's shirt.)

But were there other things to look forward to this week? Of course!

Here's the biggest and best one: last night, my 8 voice students presented the a cappella song they'd been practicing, with my help, for the past few weeks. I was basically just a facilitator for this one: the song was arranged by a student and I played no role in the actual performance. They did themselves real proud - for the first-ever a cappella performance at King's, done by a bunch of kids with no experience, they put together a pretty wonderful number. Check it out here!

And now? I sit here, bound to the study prison once more, and shuffle my papers. Tomorrow's class barely needs a plan; one class has had so many absences due to APs and lazy seniors that we've been able to do seminar-style discussions around a table for nearly two weeks, and the other class is so chock full of excitable sophomores that I barely need to do any talking. Since tomorrow is the last day for the seniors, we're basically just gonna keep the discussion moving and see where it takes us. I feel no extreme need to develop a Big Plan, though I might have no choice given that there are still nearly 100 minutes left of sitting here. Wish me luck!

Fewer than 48 until passport control in JFK, and then I'll really know the end is coming. We've been starting to hear about how prom and graduation and the awards ceremonies and dinners and parties all work, and it seems like this school puts on quite the to-do for its departing seniors. Expect pictures and updates and (hopefully) crazy stories. This place is usually good for one or two of those.

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