Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's been a month?

So I guess the last time I updated the blog was before classes had even restarted in October? You're in luck, readers; wracked by guilt, I have decided to tell you about the last month of my life at last, even if it's already retreating into hazy memory and I apparently didn't take too many pictures.

I'm writing from the threshold of the final week of Term 1. Four more days of school left with the Fall Philosophers and Religious Scholars, and most of them only have three classes during that time, so we're really hitting the home stretch. I guess I've been busy in the last month? Probably not too busy to update, to be honest, but somewhere at that nexus of busy and lazy lies my last few weeks.

And to be fair, this is my first free weekend since that break. Since you last heard from me, I've spent my Fridays and Saturdays:

First, on duty, playing a music fest and chaperoning down at the soccer fields

Second, on duty AGAIN, celebrating Halloween (about which I can't really complain. We do it up for Halloween. Here's the silly pumpkin that I turned into a cyclops)

Third, finally not on duty, but instead #blessed with a full day of Parent-Teacher conferences! Last year, I was able to blog in the middle of those conferences because I had so few; this year, I had about twenty free minutes to even catch my breath between family meetings. It's always more fun than one expects to meet the folks and get an insight into the students' family lives, especially because the parents who show up to conferences are always the interested and invested ones, but "more fun than expected" does not quite equal "fun."

And if you thought the thrill was over that weekend, it wasn't, because I got to spend all of the next day getting my Jordanian Drivers' License!! I'd post a picture, but I didn't take one at the time and now it's just too far away. Turns out the Jordanian DMV is a lot like the American DMV, which by Jordanian standards it's actually pretty good, especially when you have a King's insider whisking you to the front of all the lines and taking care of all the logistics. So now I don't have to be afraid of getting pulled over, and I have a pretty blue thing in my wallet that doesn't expire until 2024. Score?

And now, at last, a few days to breathe. Suffice it to say that I've been having a great weekend doing a lot more nothing than I have the past few weeks.

Not only that, but all of a sudden, America awaits! Believe it or not (I sort of can't), I'm packing up THIS WEDNESDAY to fly home for the first wedding of my generation of cousins. I'm not missing any classes because it's finals week, and my classes don't even have any traditional finals, so I feel minimally guilty because I wouldn't really have been doing much of anything anyway. It'll be a little bit of a slog to count down the days until then, but I'm excited to wrap up a great term with my students and I think I'll manage.

Speaking of feeling minimally guilty, I think I at least owe you all a few more pictures. They were chosen almost randomly, but they're also more or less the best available options from a tragically small pool of October/November photos. Enjoy...

A King's Academy sunset, which now happens at like 4:30 thanks to Jordan's early switch to "Winter Time"

Scenes from the advisory group trip to Burger Shack. I feel good that I actually got to provide them with something tangible and not just vague advice

Big Historians hard at work evaluating each other's posters! Hopefully I'll send this to someone in power and it'll be the cover of a magazine someday.

Will you have to wait a month until my next post? Can I ever start taking interesting pictures again? Are you wondering if I'm still making weird food sometimes? (I am!) As for the other questions, time will tell.

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