Monday, November 25, 2013

A meta-confectionary photo safari

Mere hours ago, I alluded to my plans to eventually produce these remarkable cupcakes. Little did you know, all you many many readers out there, that I intended to bring this ambitious plan to fruition this very evening. You're in luck, because I've got two hours to kill in this supervised study hall, and I'm going to do my best to keep the students quiet while in fact devoting all of my attention to the following blog post:


Joanna, the new art teacher, and I had had this plan for a week or so, and she was saintly enough to pick up almost all the necessary ingredients over the weekend. I say "almost" because she was under the mistaken impression that the can of pumpkin was a can of pumpkin pie filling, and so we needed an emergency grocery run and the help of Meg's pantry to fill out our remaining pie ingredients. All told, we were baking at Lina's for like three hours, and the cupcakes weren't even done by the time I had to come to study hall. But the first batch was done, and I had one, and now I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's take a quick trip through the process.

Didn't start taking pictures until we were already partway through, but here are the mini-pies. 24 little pumpkin pies make their way into the oven...

And out they come, looking a little misshapen (which we kind of expected). No worries, because they won't be seeing the light of day much longer...

Here are the mini-pies enjoying their new home: cupcake batter made with copious amounts of cream cheese. This recipe is ridiculous.

All sealed up!

Aaaand one more trip into the oven:

25 minutes later. Lina made it seem like I should be worried about them, but I have no idea. Pretty nice golden brown, if you ask me.

A few spatulas-full of cinnamon cream cheese icing later, and we have ourselves a nice looking plate:

The first incision. I have chosen not to include the picture of myself smiling like a frantic idiot, but trust me, I was. This was extremely, extremely exciting.

And here you have it, folks: a tiny little pumpkin pie, sitting inside a cupcake. Somehow, some way, we actually pulled it off. And HOLY CRAP were they good.

I don't think I'm gonna make posts this food-bloggy very often (I'll leave that to more qualified members of the family; Jess, could you give me a lesson in food photography some time?), but I was awful proud of our handiwork today, and something had to happen to those pictures. I'll leave you with this thought: in a single bite, the flaky crispness of pie crust, the smooth richness of pumpkin pie filling, the soft crumb of an excellent cupcake, and a thick and slightly cinnamon-y frosting on top. No joke, folks; it actually tasted like all of those things.

Back to the grind, I suppose, with a stomach full of cupcake and a heart more-or-less full of happiness. More updates to come as exam week continues - can't forget that we still have two Thanksgivings to look forward to, and I can only hope that I'll have recovered from these perfect monstrosities by then. See you soon!

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